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Who we are

Founded in 2010, LBS is Baltimore’s premier grassroots think-tank. We are a group of Baltimore residents dedicated to creating transformative public policy. Our vision is to drastically improve the conditions of Black people in the Baltimore-Metropolitian Region.

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What we do

From public policy advocacy to youth education, LBS provides a variety of services and support to Baltimore City residents.  We have a deep commitment to developing community partnerships that emphasize community empowerment.

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How to get involved

We pride ourselves on being independent, both financially and politically. This is made possible because of people like YOU. Become an LBS Sustainer today by donating a small amount per month to cover our operational expenses. You can also sign up to volunteer by becoming an LBS Ambassador.

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Want to help us continue our work? Become a Community Sustainer!

Our Perspective

LBS’ work is predicated on the fundamental belief that Black people are the solution to our own problems. So often we have been framed as a problem to be fixed by others, usually white people, which serve to further expand the idea of white supremacy. The notion of Pan Afrikan Nationalism is a concept that grounds our work in the idea of global Afrikan sovereignty as the basis for the development of methodologies for our collective liberation. We can and will collectively and strategically build the power necessary to effectively protect the humanity of all Black people.

Check us out in the 2016 documentary 'Baltimore Rising' on HBO

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