2018 Legislative Report Card

Jun 04

Since becoming active in public policy advocacy in Maryland, LBS has realized that one of the biggest obstacles to improved conditions of Black people is public awareness about what goes on in the legislature.

Navigating the Annapolis legislative terrain requires two things: attention to detail and time. The complicated mechanics of the state’s 90- day policymaking efforts and the lack of civic resources leave the average Baltimorean/ Marylander unable to make informed determinations about their legislator’s commitment to racial justice. This report card fills that gap. The purpose of this report card is to offer Baltimore City residents, who are interested in racial justice, our assessment of the track record of certain elected officials.

To better uncloak Maryland’s legislators and their histories in public service, we chose a report card as the best vehicle to focus our thorough, research-driven analysis into a succinct, accessible format. LBS’s report card measures a legislator’s aptitude and effectiveness along specific criteria and through our unique racial justice lens.

As an organization based in Baltimore City and interested in evaluating the legislators that have the greatest impact and opportunity to advance racial justice in on our community, we are scoring the Baltimore City delegation, with a particular interest in the Legislative Black Caucus of Maryland. We believe that if the people of Baltimore resolve to support legislators that align with markers for racial justice, the Baltimore City delegation and the Legislative Black Caucus of Maryland could exercise the full weight of its powers in service of Black people. We hope our friends in other Maryland jurisdictions will use this resource to help elected officials empower their Black constituents all over the state of Maryland.

EDITOR’S NOTE – 6/11/2018:

Due to an error, we omitted Delegate David Moon’s legislative profile from our “Champions of Racial Justice” section. See Delegate Moon’s profile below.

Delegate David Moon

Grade: A

David is a Montgomery County delegate who has been a strong force for racial justice in the legislature. He sits on the House Judiciary Committee, which is a very important committee as it relates to criminal justice issues. He has been a reliable vote on police reform, bail reform, expungement and was one of the Judiciary’s strongest voices against the 2018 crime bill. He also has sponsored marijuana legalization and has expressed an openness to using a reparations framework to determine how tax revenues from the marijuana industry will be spent.

He does not succumb to the pressure of Democratic Party leadership and is not afraid to put forward radical ideas.

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