Many organizations engaged in public policy work advocate for issues that most directly affect Black people, but too often these organizations do not explicitly make themselves accountable to the masses of Black people.  Accountable Black leadership is horizontal and cooperative.  We believe this is an important innovation in community organizing and embrace it as our ideal operational model.

Adam J. Jackson
Chief Executive Officer

Adam is responsible for the management and oversight of the daily operations of the organization and the execution of our mission. As a West Baltimore native, Mr. Jackson observed how city planning dictates how the City of Baltimore functions politically, economically, and socially.

His academic endeavors have helped to increase his knowledge of how to plan long-term, sustainable strategies that will result in a better quality of life for Baltimore City residents.

His volunteer efforts are aimed at connecting young people to public policy and creating transformative change in the city of Baltimore.

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Candace Handy
Chief Operations Officer

Candace Handy is a dedicated community servant who has spent her adult life enhancing and improving the quality of life for poor & working class people in the Baltimore community. Her professional career she has helped provide critical home repairs to low-income homeowners at no cost.

Candace holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Molecular Biology from Towson University. She has also been featured in numerous media outlets for her mentorship of young Black girls and speaks within the community about the importance of mentorship and how it has greatly impacted her life.

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Dayvon Love
Director of Public Policy

Dayvon has been sharpening his oratory style and political thinking for more than a decade as a coach and competitor in policy debate through his high-school and college years.

Love was so skilled at debate, it earned him a scholarship to college, where he and fellow debater, Deven Cooper, won the Cross Examination Debate Association (CEDA) National Championship – the first time in history that an all Black debate team won the tournament.

Incorporating hip-hop, poetry and personal experiences, their debate arguments flipped the script as they underscored how the practice of the debate community purveys the kind of racial inequalities existent in society today.

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Lawrence Grandpre
Director of Research

Lawrence is a researcher focusing on public health, criminal justice, drug policy, and community economic development, using his research to aid grassroots community organizing and public policy advocacy campaigns.
He brings an understanding of Pan African Research Methodology and scholarship to create analysis that centers community self-determination and presents oppressed peoples as the solution to their own problems.
In addition to being an author whose work has been featured in The Guardian, The Baltimore Sun, and Black Agenda Report, he has been interviewed for over 50 news stories from publications ranging from the New York Times, Rolling Stone, and NBC News to The Real News Network and IMIxWhatILike.Org.
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Brion Gill (Lady Brion)
Cultural Curator

Lady Brion is an international spoken word artist, poetry coach, activist, organizer, and educator whose personal mission is to inspire, connect, mobilize, and liberate.  

She has spent the last 14 years of her life performing on several continents as an independent artist who freely shares her perspective and reflections of life with diverse audiences.

Lady Brion is an arts professional who has taught creative writing courses at several elementary and middle schools; coached poetry teams in over 10 academic institutions via the Louder Than A Bomb poetry program; and supervised a team of over 15 teaching artists throughout the Baltimore-Metropolitan area.

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