A New Paradigm for Grassroots Investment

The decision to establish LBS as a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) was a tough strategic question we addressed with several internal, critical analysis sessions.

While establishing the organization as a non-profit organization would have allowed for more easily available short-term cash contributions from foundations, we recognized that it also would have hindered our ability to exercise the freedom that we now experience.

Ultimately, the founders of the organizations decided that it was of utmost importance for us to be a politically independent organization from inception. This decision necessitated a significant level of sacrifice from us both as individuals and collectively as an organization.

Nevertheless, we are optimistic that our ultimate vision of building capacity, staying independent, and not relying on traditional funding streams will serve us well.

We hold tight to a vision of a stronger infrastructure that is community based by proudly noting that “We are the freest Black people in Baltimore.” We are able to offer criticism and facilitate projects that others, intricately connected to the non-profit industrial complex, are not able to.



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