Creating a pipeline for young leaders

LBS’ dedication to transformational change in the Black community is illuminated by our youth leadership development work. Our youth leadership training focuses on building healthy understandings of the character, integrity, and accountability required of scholars. We work with young people to help inspire a greater understanding of their community dynamics and how to be healthy advocates of substantive reforms.

Youth trained, coached, and mentored by LBS are encouraged to become advocates in ways that best fits their personality, talents, and interests. Youth explore a wide array of exposure to art, speech and debate, social media activism, performing arts, and civic engagement. Our youth leadership development work aims to provide life-changing extracurricular activities for young scholars in the short term and a pipeline of Black intellectuals and historically trained artists, advocates, and professionals.

Our national debate camp equips youth with policy debate training that incorporates cultural and racial identity and a developed knowledge of structural, social, political, and economic issues.



Youth Programs

Eddie Conway Liberation Institute (ECLI)

The Eddie Conway Liberation Institute (ECLI) aims to connect policy debate and social justice to the development of positive self and cultural identity for Black youth.  Our national policy debate camp facilitated by many of the most successful and experienced African-American college debate champions and academic instructors in the country.  Our three-week overnight camp is unified around the theme of Black cultural identity development and social justice.

ECLI student scholars are equipped with policy debate training that develop their knowledge of structural, political, and economic issues.  Since 2013, ECLI has served over 100 student scholars from a wide variety of backgrounds that have since received college debate scholarships, as a result of their enhanced academic skills, to Yale University, Stanford University, Georgetown University, and the University of Pennsylvania.


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Walter Carter Leadership Institute (WCLI)

Established in 2014, the Walter Carter Leadership Institute is designed to share LBS’ wealth of knowledge, debate skills, and advocacy techniques with K-12 Baltimore City Students.  Our customizable advocacy training program is designed to introduce social justice work and civic engagement strategies to young people in Baltimore.

We have worked with a number of educators at Baltimore City schools, such as: Connexions, Lakeland Elementary School, Renaissance Academy, Baltimore City College, Frederick Douglass High School, and Southwest Baltimore Charter School with sharpening the advocacy skills of their students.  Our customizable out-of-school and summer enrichment programs enhance youth understanding of various social, political, and economic issues.

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