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Black Thought: Any time, Any topic

LBS Members have extensive expertise in a broad range of academic disciplines and subject matters. We are happy to work with small and large community groups, learning facilities, and institutions on your upcoming events. With advanced notice we can be available to service you as:

  • Keynote speaker at a student inauguration or commencement ceremony
  • Content Developer for professional conferences, community forums, or youth summit
  • Spoken word and hip hop performers
  • Panelists and guest speakers at community and professional events



Format and Style
Our experience with academic and advocacy work allows us an ability to offer a wide range of topics customizable to the needs and interests of targeted audiences.

With our proven track record as public speakers, educators, and poetry/debate coaches, we are confident we can create talks that meet and even exceed your expectations.

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Sample Topics

Black History & Black Politics

Black Political History

This talk is designed to help students, educators, civic leaders and activists identify more clearly what authentic Black Leadership is.

Black Studies

We discuss and lift up the intellectual work of Black people that often is not read by the more prominent Black public intellectuals.

Women Empowerment, History, & Role in Society

Learn about the difference between womanist theory and sexism; the role and impact of women in African societies; and the impact of Black women in the United States.

Activism and Civic Engagement

The Black Radical Tradition in Action

From Ella Baker’s theories of horizontal organizing to John Henrik Clarke’s vision of the role of history, LBS’ work is a reflection of Black academic and historical traditions. Our talks seek to educate community members on Black history by showing how it is applied to today’s social movements.

The Politics of Black Leadership

We provide historical context that can better inform how activist approach their work.

Black Multicultural Liberalism toward Genuine Empowerment

LBS’ experience as political advocates dedicated to community self-determination gives us an unique perspective of established norms that hinder social justice. Our talks present our specific vision of community empowerment to expand our audience’s vision of political possibilities.

Arts & Culture

I Want to Be FREE

This is a spoken word infused series of lectures that is intended for adjudicated and/or at-risk teens who want to return home from a correctional facility.

The Power of Hip Hop and Spoken Word

This is a performance infused workshop, lecture, or seminar for students 6-12th grade to learn about the power of Hip Hop and Spoken Word.

Political Analysis

Art & Culture for People of Color

Customize a lecture or workshop for artivists that examines effective programming, targeted impacts, and the long-term significance of art and culture produced by and for people of color.

Baltimore’s Past, Present and Future

The economy, culture, and political realities of Baltimore have made the city unique. These talks seek to show how a past look of Baltimore can create a historical context that students and professionals can apply in their work engaging the social and political dynamics of one of America’s most complex cities.

Skill Sharing for Social Justice

From producing championship debaters to creating unique legislation, LBS has acquired unique research, speaking, and even specific note-taking skills to facilitate our work. In sharing these skills, we hope to offer the tools of trades we have acquired to empower the work of students, teachers, and professionals.

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Our work is deeply rooted in a commitment to Black self-determination and we welcome opportunities to offer our insight and expertise to individuals and organizations in the following ways:

  • Thought Partner, Advisor, Participant in local coalitions
  • Partnership planning, strategy, and public caucus initiatives
  • Attend/participate in community meetings, legislative agendas, and other community conversations
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